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Eucalyptus Tree


At Cutting Edge Tree Services, we provide a dedicated service in tree management and care to all sectors. We serve Wolverhampton and all local areas.

Wolverhampton tree services

Conducted with the utmost skill and care

At Cutting Edge Tree Services we work with clients both domestic and commercial - including local authorities and the agricultural sector - to provide professional tree surgery work of the highest standards.


Whether it's a matter of carefully pruning your trees, removing dead and diseased limbs, or felling a tree that is overgrown or posing a health-and-safety risk, we guarantee a level of service that is impeccable, performed by qualified and insured individuals, and carried out safely and compliantly. The Cutting Edge team is based in Wolverhampton and works throughout all local areas.

We're at the cutting edge!

Expert tree services

Tree felling
Safely cutting down and removing a tree, using the appropriate method for the circumstances
Crown reduction
Keeping the size and height of a tree under control whilst maintaining its shape and structure
Dismantling of dead and dangerous trees
Carefully managing the removal of dangerous trees using the most appropriate method

A process of pruning trees and shrubs to restrict their height to a level that is safer and more convenient
Crown thinning
Removing branches from the crown to thin it out without affecting the overall shape
Tree pruning
Removal of damaged and overgrown branches to keep a tree well-maintained and healthy
Stump grinding
An effective method of completely removing the stumps left behind by tree felling
Hedge trimming
Keeping hedges in good shape, healthy, strong and free from disease

Man trimming very large hedge


Hired this business to reduce the height of my conifers, a very neat satisfactory job done, all cuttings cleared up and taken, no time wasted in getting the job done. I will be hiring this company again. 

Patricia R

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