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Machine grinding tree stump


The fastest and most effective way of completely removing tree stumps left behind after felling. Contact Cutting Edge Tree Services.

Working with customers throughout Wolverhampton

To provide a complete stump removal service

Whilst a tree stump may not seem too much of a nuisance to begin with, over time as it begins to decay or presents an obstacle to mowing your lawn, planting a new tree or erecting a garden building, you may start to consider ways of getting rid of it.


Whilst digging it out is possible, this is a lengthy and difficult process that requires excavating its root structure. You'll also be left with a sizable hole once the work is done. Stump grinding, however, is a fast and easy alternative that will completely eradicate the stump down to ground level.

How will you benefit?

Removing leftover stumps has a variety of benefits

  • An effective means of clearing an area for planting or building upon

  • Reduction of unwanted pests and pathogens attracted to the decaying stump

  • Removal of trip hazards and potential liability for any injuries caused to members of the public

  • Tree stumps can look unsightly, so their removal promotes a more aesthetically appealing environment

Stump grinding


Fast reliable service, came and done the job leaving no mess, highly recommend 5 stars from me

Chris Poole

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